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[Linux Build]: For whoever needs playing it at a lower resolution:

Open the "prefs" xml file located at "/home/<USER>/.config/unity3d/Tom Rosbson Games/From Flames/prefs", and change the following XML field values:

<pref name="Screenmanager Resolution Use Native" type="int">0</pref> // set [0] to disable the automatic screen resolution detection;

<pref name="Screenmanager Resolution Height" type="int">600</pref> // control your preferred screen higth;

<pref name="Screenmanager Resolution Width" type="int">800</pref> // control your preferred screen width;

<pref name="Screenmanager Fullscreen mode" type="int">1</pref> // set to [0] to disable full-screen mode;

For other platforms, those prefs. are stored differently, but they can be located as well, referring to the official UnityEngine docs at this page:
"" (look at the initial description);


Loved the atmosphere and the old school look


Many many days later I'm back with the part 2 I said I was going to do :)


Thanks so much for doing another video on it! Sorry it took me a few days to get back and watch it, but it was still a good watch!

Glad you like the game, and I'll have to check out some of your other videos :)


I really like this game, the multiple endings idea is amazing. (Skip to 9:45)


I played and made a video about it, it was a very nice experience, I always say the same thing but I REALLY love the old school style graphics, got two of the endings and may go for the other three in another episode maybe. 


Thank you so much for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Good job on getting both of the main endings, although I could tell you were somewhat disappointed that you couldn't go back and explore the open map after completing it.

I noticed a couple bugs during your playthrough surrounding some items spawning that we're quite meant to, so when I go back in to fix those I'll see about adding a continue feature!

As for a video getting the other 3 endings, I for one would love to see it :)

Thanks again!

Yeah a continue function would be a nice thing to add, it doesn't need to be exactly where you were, but certain checkpoints is always good when you have multiple endings so you can just skip some parts you already did.

Oh I didn't even notice the bugs but glad I could give some in-video feedback.

But anyway, as I already said was a really nice game, thank you for watching my video, and I will see if I can get a part 2 done soon :)

Not sure if you saw it but there is a continue button for if the player exits the game while playing, but that save data gets cleared once they reach an ending, so it won't be difficult to add something to the current system.

As for the bugs: it was just some items appearing that shouldn't have at that point. The matches, for example, are only meant to appear when you've achieved one specific ending. 

Nothing to worry about, all should be easy to fix :)


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


So many mysteries

First of all, thanks for playing!

Glad you seemed to enjoy it!

I'll be honest I wasn't expecting issues with the frame rate in the outside area. It's not something I encountered during development, and neither did any of the people who played it for QA.

I'll take a look into what might be the cause of the issue, and see if there's anything I can do! 

Thanks again for playing!

it’s my computer man, it’s a potato, not your problem