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They Came From the Sea is an endless, wave based 2D shooter, where you are trapped on an isolated island battling everlasting hoards of eldritch horrors. Your own demise is the only guarantee here, thus you can only hope to survive just a little longer than last time. But hey, at least you'll have fun doing it!

Employ a combination of speed, relentless streams of bullets, and the occasional power up, in order to make it to the top of your personal leaderboards in this fast paced, fun, and addicting game! 

Note: Leaderboards are entirely local to your device. Online leaderboards may be added in future.

And, if you want a real challenge (or find the later waves to be a little too much), you can go into the custom game options, and tweak certain values, such as enemy move speeds and health. This allows for plenty of fun and unique challenges, as well as a way to tweak difficulty to fit your preferences.


    • WASD - Movement
    • Mouse Position -  Aiming
    • Left Click - Shoot
    • Right Click - Use Ultimate


    • Programming, Art, Animation - Thomas Robson
    • Music - Maximilian Ansell
    • Sound Effects - Public Domain

Patch Notes:

  • Version 1.3:
    • Ultimate Meter Added
    • Two Additional Achievements Added
    • Further Expansion to Custom Games
    • Minor Bug Fixes and Optimization
  • Version 1.2:
    • Two Additional Achievements Added
    • Reworked Achievement Page UI in Preparation for Future Update
    • Reworked AI Spawn Points,
    • Minor Bug Fixes and Optimization
  • Version 1.1:
    • Two New Powerups Added (Haste and Fire Rate Boost)
    • Achievements System Added
    • Minor Bug Fixes and Optimizations
  • Version 1.0:
    • Initial Release

Also: as a game development student, any and all feedback is appreciated, and will be used to improve the game in future!


They Came From the Sea - Windows_v1.3.zip 22 MB
They Came From the Sea - Mac_v1.3.zip 26 MB
They Came From the Sea - Linux_v1.3.zip 25 MB
They Came From the Sea - Windows_v1.2.zip 22 MB
They Came From the Sea - Mac_v1.2.zip 26 MB
They Came From the Sea - Linux_v1.2.zip 24 MB

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Hey, this is a really nice run-and-gun endless shooter. I particularly like the monochrome graphics and creepy atmosphere it and the music give the game. The game hasn't got an incredible longevity (upgrades could be one avenue to extend this) but it's a fun one. Great job! 

Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback! I'll be sure to look into ways of improving the longevity of the game. Glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for playing!